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Flexible options to fit your needs

At Ethical Profits, we offer flexibility to pick what works for you. The services below offer a summarized view of what we offer as well as a starting price point for reference. However, all quotes are customized and based on the specific and unique circumstances in play.  

Take a look:

Basic Bookkeeping
starting at $800/mo

The most essential services any business needs: simple and consistent bookkeeping done right.

Our Basic Bookkeeping includes:

  • Bookkeeping in Xero
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Monthly virtual meetings with your Ethical Profits team
  • Annual reports to your tax preparer by 1/31
  • Values-funding training for 1 team member
  • Assess workflow & identify tech gaps
  • Implement 1 tech solution (if applicable)
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Advanced Bookkeeping
starting at $1500/mo

The works. Ideal for companies with a desire for analytics and granular data such as grant reporting, job costing, or tracking restricted funds. 

Our Advanced Bookkeeping includes all Basic Bookkeeping, plus:

  • Accounts receivables: creating and tracking customer invoices
  • Accounts payables: collecting and paying bills
  • Quarterly virtual meetings w/outside parties such as your tax preparer, financial advisor, or insurance agent
  • Values-funding training for multiple team members
  • Implement 2 additional tech solutions (if applicable)
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Catch-up Project(s)
starting at $2500

Are your books behind? Let’s fix that!

Our Catch-up Projects include:

  • Posting & reconciling historic activity in the existing accounting file OR a new Xero file
  • Converting historic accounting data to Xero (if applicable)
  • Producing financial statements & reports for the included historic period(s)
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Fund Your Values
Working sessions starting at $50

Want to fund values by changing spending habits?

Our working sessions include:

  • Developing your values-oriented compound impact strategy
  • Diving deep into spending patterns
  • Identifying values-funding opportunities
  • Creating budgets & spending plans
  • Implementing tools & tech
  • Evolving your relationship with money from uncertain & fearful to empowered & joyful
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Startup Package
starting at $2500

The most critical needs for startups and new businesses with little to no historic activity.

Our Startup Package includes:

  • Setting up a new Xero accounting file
  • Basic bookkeeping & financial reports for Month 1
  • 6 Virtual training sessions teaching you how to handle your own bookkeeping in Xero!
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Xero Training
starting at $1500

Perfect for existing businesses who want to transition to Xero while keeping their bookkeeping in-house.

Our Xero Trainings include:

  • Converting accounting data to a new Xero file
  • Providing guidance around best accounting & bookkeeping practices
  • 6 Virtual training sessions teaching you how to perform all standard bookkeeping tasks in Xero
  • Virtual training session teaching you Xero’s advanced reporting & tracking tools (if applicable)
  • Recordings of all trainings
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Bookkeeping services, CFO advice, and everything in between

Why tailor our quotes to each new client? Because we’ve learned over our many years of experience that you never know what’s lurking between the line items when it comes to a business’ financial health and records.

That’s why, before moving forward with any client, we conduct an in-depth accounting file diagnostic to identify areas that need attention. When you request a quote, we’ll do our deep dive, then meet with you for a video call (via the magic of the internet!) to go over our findings with you.

Ready to get started? Take the first step by booking a meeting with Jenn Viridis.