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Welcome to the future of accounting

Values-oriented growth

We do more than just keep your books and track your progress. At Ethical Profits, we believe your success is our success. Our highly motivated team is here to help.

  • Improve your financial health
  • Boost your ROI with out-of-the-box solutions
  • Meet your goals to grow in your market
  • Plan for values-oriented growth

Empower employees

Got employees with a company card? We offer innovative employee empowerment programs that help fund values without any additional cost to your business.

  • Unique techniques to fund values
  • No additional cost to the company
  • Fund values with micro-habits

AI & tech tools

Harness the power of technology and free up your human capital! We’ll help identify tools and integrate custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Optimize workflows
  • Achieve 10x productivity with the right tools
  • Humans shine while tech does the busy work!

In short?

We specialize in bookkeeping, accounting, employee empowerment, and AI & automation consulting – all with a focus on driving success for our clients.

With our unique blend of services and commitment to ethical practices, we’re the perfect partner for business owners looking to grow and thrive while staying true to their mission.

And it all starts with a virtual meeting.

*yep, the accounting party.

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Ethical Profits practices…

symbiotic profitability

Ethical Profits only partners with clients if we can pursue a win/win result. We want the value of what you receive to help your bottom line as much as our service fees help our bottom line!

moral responsibility

We adhere to the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. To Ethical Profits, the answer to ‘should we?’ is just as important as the answer to ‘can we?’

tech assimilation

Tech evolves at lightning speed! Our in-house techanic specializes in implementing custom I.T. solutions to create a competitive lead for each of our clients.

excellence + ownership

Our proactive process ensures we pull apart every number, track the right benchmarks, and stay on top of industry trends – all so you can strategically plan your growth.

87% of our clients are disenfranchised or minority-owned businesses!

Props for Ethical Profits

“We needed [Ethical Profits’] help more than we knew. When they came to our company we received what we needed and they also implemented new standard practices for our company that both simplified our day to day operations and made us more profitable in a short amount of time. We could not be any happier – thank you all!”


American Minority General Contractors

As a small law firm, [Ethical Profits] has allowed us to professionalize our bookkeeping and accounting processes while keeping costs down. In the first few months our processes have been simplified and the team at [Ethical Profits] has helped us find cost saving opportunities and gave us strategic advice as we look towards growth. The staff at [Ethical Profits] is highly professional and responsive. I can’t recommend them enough!


[Ethical Profits] did a fantastic job setting up my QuickBooks Online file. I work in a difficult industry that does things in unsual ways when it comes to billing/pay. [Ethical Profits] was able to absorb all the details and come up with an invoicing system that should streamline the time required to bill my clients. Thanks!


See Lights Go

Jenn at Ethical Profits has been a life saver when it comes to getting our books in order. She and her team did an excellent job reconciling years of sloppy bookkeeping by prior bookkeepers. Jenn has a way of making you feel so comfortable when engaging in conversation based on her extensive knowledge in her field, the ability to grasp the situation w/o missing a bear, & most importantly she actually cares. Jenn has offered & implemented excellent suggestions on how we can run our construction business more efficiently. I work closely with an accountant that Jenn provided to us, Claudia, who is the most resonsive employee I’ve had to date. Anytime I need her to get something done for me, whether it’s to bill a client or run my AP/AR reports, etc. she always gets back to me promptly. What more can I say, if you need help with your finances, Ethical Profits Accounting has the team you are looking for.

Anwar S.


They are very dedicated to helping businesses become successful and they are very good at what they do!

Johnny J.


[Ethical Profits was] very knowledgeable of the QuickBooks Program and in helping bring our old system up to date. They took the time to explain and address any questions that I had. Very patient and easy to work with. I thank you guys for all you did, and I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need!!! Thanks Again :)


Glass Impressions

My books and system were a disaster before [Ethical Profits] came along. I lost several patients due to incorrect billing and an antiquated system (I only accepted checks or cash). [Ethical Profits] set up QuickBooks, set up timetracking, set up credit card services so my patients can pay by credit card, and trained my bookkeeper. [They] also [have] a great IT guy (David) that was at my office 23 minutes after I called […] when my system was offline. He had it up and running in 10 minutes – and no additional charges!! [Ethical Profits] really does care about how well my business does, and we have monthly meetings to review my numbers and [they’re] constantly trying to trim the fat and improve my profits. I had to argue for magazine ads – [they] showed me stats about how much better online ads perform, but I’m not quite ready to let go of all my old ways! [Ethical Profits] is compassionate, professional, and extremely focused on improving on my bottom line. Very highly recommeneded!!!!


[Ethical Profits] is super responsive and very professional. [They are] knowledgable and [have] answers for everything. [They] helped us clean up our previous bookkeeping and fixed our previous tax issues in a timely manner. We are very confident with [their] help, we are in good hands going forward. [They are] very willing to share…knowledge and experience! Not only [do they] provide financial/tax service for us, [Ethical Profits] also trains us and provides guidance to us. [Ethical Profits] is so easy to work with! We are very grateful for all [their] help